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Kärcher pressure washers and sweepers for cleaning and maintaining the house, garden and car are known and appreciated the world over. With their mobility, ease of operation and broad range of applications they guarantee thorough cleanliness and a well-groomed appearance around the house and garden. As the inventor of the high-pressure cleaner and a market leader in the consumer market, Kärcher guarantees maximum user benefits and outstanding quality.


Cleaning around the house: With Kärcher sweepers you can sweep paths, roads, driveways and yards up to five times faster than with a broom and pan. Sweepings are immediately collected in the container so they are not blown about. Simple, fast and clean.


High-pressure cleaning of hard surfaces can now be accomplished in no time without any annoying splashback: With Kärcher’s T-Racers for all consumer pressure washers. The T-Racer hovers above the ground and floats over small irregularities. The principle of the T-Racer is both simple and effective: Two cleaning nozzles cause the propeller under the unit’s hood to rotate at high speed. The T-Racer therefore helps you save time and energy when cleaning hard surfaces.


More time to enjoy life.“ As a user, one expects cleaning appliances to produce good results with a minimum of effort. Kärcher knows what is needed to achieve both these goals – convenient, effective and powerful units – and therefore invests in innovations which combine user-friendliness with thoroughness.


Kärcher’s compact high-pressure cleaners feature a slim space-saving design, low weight and high cleaning efficiency which makes them true allrounders for fast and thorough cleaning jobs on the farm, in the workshop, for company fleets and machinery and for do-it-yourself enthusiasts. From the small, low-priced entry-level unit to the high-performance models with three-phase motor – price-conscious users in agriculture, crafts and trades and municipal services can find what they need at Kärcher.


Kärcher industrial vacuum cleaners are designed specially for continuous-duty operation and vacuuming really coarse dirt. These vacuums are substantially maintenance-free and incorporate advanced technology. The result: High productivity and low running costs.


Sweepers and vacuum sweepers are used for a wide range of different surfaces and cleaning requirements. Their efficiency in any given application also depends on the use of the right accessories – from roller brushes to filters and attachments.


Kärcher has been developing and producing highly efficient and environmentally compatible cleaning agents for more than 25 years. All products are developed and tested in Kärcher's own laboratories and subjected to regular quality controls. Kärcher cleaning agents are 90% biodegradable. Kärcher offers purpose-matched combinations of cleaning machines, accessories and cleaning agents for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

Benefits are:

· Cleaning is accomplished faster with less effort
· Optimum cleaning results
· Maximum environmental protection

It’s the modern way of cleaning.